Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014!

It snowed!  WTF?  Snow and ice and rain... aaarrrrggghh.  

A husband and wife pumpkin couple.

The weather on October 25th was like summer.  We spent some time walking around the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival in our home made costumes.  I totes felt like I was in a parade even though we didn't actually stay and join in the costume parade.

The Halloween banner at work.
We did Halloween at work on the 30th and it was pretty great.  I made a last minute banner out of burlap, twine, and paper.  After I hung it up I wondered why it had taken me so long to utilize this big, blank wall.

Halloween night the weather was unkind.  There was snow, and ice. and wind, and rain; and I was so very unprepared for it.  I heard it would be cold and maybe rainy, but I was so unprepared for snow and ice.  I also believe that I was firmly in denial about the weather until my hands were completely numb.  So I ran home and my friend finished trick or treating with the kids.


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