Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Costume Remorse

We did Halloween and Miss Bean took my original costume idea. So for awhile I thought I might be nothing since there were so many other things to do and finish (for example a long over due commissioned Uncle Sam suit). Of course, I couldn't resist and I finally gave in. I even spent money on costume items when I assured myself that I wouldn't. I guess it was okay and Bean was happy, but I was disappointed this year that I wasn't more excited and I ended up with costume remorse. I think I would enjoy a totally eccentric ensemble or going super traditional next year (Zombie!).

What I learned though:

1. Saucony shoes are very comfortable and I was right thinking that I would like them. My Halloween costume was a great excuse to finally purchase them.

2. Don't trust the estimated shipping time. Athena's wig arrived a week late and we had to borrow one at the last minute.

3. Neither of us wants to wear a wig again.

4. There is a place that actually makes button eye costume props.

5. I have a future making novelty oven mitts.

Finished commission, Halloween pair, Oven mitt prowess

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