Friday, February 18, 2011


I want this, but the one pictured is $69 plus shipping and for 2 of those that would just blow the budget.  It's incredibly beautigul though.  The vintage reproduction cloth cord itself though can be purchased for $29 plus shipping, but once again I need more than one light and various other things, so that's just too much.  However, I think it can be done or atleast you can get something close to it and custom.

During my visual research, I saw the light pictured below and it gave me an idea...
I could cover my affordable, modern cord in fabric.  This way I can use whatever I want, change it out, make the fabric bunched, or make the fabric tight.  Woot!  I'm also pretty sure I have most of the materials to make this Anthropologie pendant in my recycling bin.

So, I am on my way with these materials:

2 cords
2 Reproduction Edison bulbs
2 metal bulb cages
and some fabric scraps

I haven't decided yet how I'm going to treat the cord cover.  I might just make a bunched tube or I might wrap it with twine.  I ordered everything so I should have my materials next week.  I'll post how it went as soon as I finish.

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