Friday, February 18, 2011

We moved.

We live here now.  Not in a "house with many rooms"-- also known as an apartment building.  We like it lots.  I decided to tackle the living room first.  I'm doing a little updating and changing to what I already have; curtains, a chair, put out the new Tv, etc.  Here's a little peek at what's new:

This is not my living room, but I do love this woman's house and I ordered the same rocking chair.  It's my solution to a kitty clawing problem.
Once again, this space isn't mine, but I did pick up one of these typwriter carts for the new TV.  It's far too big for my little cabinet.
A new throw pillow for the couch.  I'm trying to bring in some of the blue that's in the artwork now.

Pictures of the actual room coming soon, but for now, check out this living room

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