Thursday, March 10, 2011


I think I was talking about tackling the living room and other stuff.  I get behind very easily.  I have my own photos now and I suppose I should post them.  I also figured out some lighting by combining the ideas behind several of the pricey items that are commercially available.  I found a tutorial for making a pendant lamp out of fabric strips and a metal frame.  I can't find a picture right now, but maybe you can imagine it?  I sort of hated it, but the fabric strips were appealing.  Here is a not-so-great photo of what I came up with:

I have a basic and cheap cord with socket, a cheapy hardware store bulb cage, and a reproduction Edison bulb.  The bulbs are more expensive than a basic light bulb, but they a add a really nice detail and produce a different kind of light.  The bulbs make an interesting pattern on the ceiling (a little of this can be seen in the photo above-- look behind the wire cage).  They also have a warm, yellowy glow.  It's a different kind of light than what I'm used to, but it seems to be working.  Now I can see and I was able to put my other lights back where they belong.

The new living room:

The couch with a new throw pillow-bot and some art work that's been hanging around was finally hung.

Our Eames knock-off came and we put it together during a 2 hour school delay.  I absolutely love it.

Also, in keeping with tax return tradition, I got a new piece of artwork.  Yay for faux taxidermy and for art that goes on sale.

That's my living room round up for now.  I'm still trying figure out how to take pictures in the house.  The lighting is totally different and it's difficult to get good photos.  From the dining room/living room area I went to my daughter's room.  The weather has not been my friend for outdoor decor, but I have been piling up my project supplies.

The Bean's room is all about this:

Next time...

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