Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paper Party at My House

So many paper decorations...  I'm on a kick or just obsessed lately.  Paper party decorations just make everything seem so happy and they activate space so well.  Since moving in, I have knocked out 3 paper garlands, 2 fabric garlands, and 6 tissue paper pom-poms.  I have stacks of fabric for the next rounds of bunting and plans to purchase a couple more punches this weekend (reapeatedly cutting the same shape from paper is tedious, punching it is not so much so).  Most of my recent efforts have gone into Athena's room.  What do you do with an empty corner?  Go through all that stored tissue paper of course and fold it into fluff balls worthy of hanging.  I think if I can do 2 more garlands (paper or felt?)  I'll be done with them for her room.

Paper sphere garland (16 pieces each) as seen here.

My fabric version of Loopy-loo garland.  Tutorial (for the paper version) at ISLY.

I also decided that I simply must have a pajaki.  The pajaki creates a need to invest in a floral paper punch.  I guess I would put it on my tea party (the good kind with cakes, not the kind with political radicals) worthy front porch?

Bean's room will be finished soon.  Pictures to follow.

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