Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best Room Ever?

This might be one of the best rooms I've ever seen and it appears to be the same for quite a few other people.  I'm making a miniature version of this paper display in my daughter's 'big girl' bedroom.  Is it over due to be updated?  She'll be 10 in six point five months.  I believe she thinks she's older though.  I made sure that we did something that would work with the existing furniture, bedding, and curtains.  The bedding isn't very old, but it seems like bedding wears out quickly for how expensive it is or maybe it just seems like it hasn't been that long...

This is one corner of her room.  There's a similar arrangement in the opposite corner.  I also have some paper lanterns to add.  I got my lanterns from Just Artifacts.  I ordered them late Friday night and got them on Monday; fast, cheap, and pretty!

We got a new free table too.

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