Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sally Wig

Hello!  Today the Lady Bean is away with a friend so I will be working on her Halloween costume.  She's wearing a costume that I made for myself around 10 years ago.  Although my skills have superimproved since then, the costume is still good enough not to re-make, the wig however, was never what I wanted.  I'm going to mend little bits on the dress and maybe add a few details that I wasn't able to add then.  I'm also adjusting the fit for her, but crazy enough, she's almost the same size I was when I wore it... Creepy.

Once upon a time, in a land several hours away, I made a costume based on the original Sally doll.  It was very last minute and super low budget, but it was great (except for the wig).  The wig was awful though.  I was in a hurry and all I could find was a red braided pigtail rag doll wig.  I took the braids out and kept trying to arrange the hair, but it never worked.  So now, I have time and more funds to devote to the project.  I am following the first part of this tutorial and today it's time for sewing.  I'm a little nervous, but I did get one bundle of yarn measured and cut.
This is only a test.

Anyway, I should do this and quit writing about it or playing in the yarn.
The Might B

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