Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The wig is done!

Sewing piles
There was a lot of the above for a few days.  Numerous piles of 12 strands each ready to be lined up and sewn.  This was probably the most un-fun part of yarn wig making, but...  It's over now!
Getting the character involved a bit.
Now there's a big pile of long and luxurious wig.  If my face were blue this might be more convincing...  Anyway, it ended up taking less time than I had anticipated (which is great because I still have the rest of the costume to mend) and less yarn.  The original tutorial used 2 skeins of yarn and although I wasn't using the same kind of yarn, I went with two as well because I was making a long wig for a larger child (my daughter almost the same size as me currently).  I was wrong.  Also, I should add that I did follow the first part of the Jasmine wig tutorial exactly, but I wasn't sure how far onto the wig cap she sewed the yarn.  I started sewing at the front edge of the stalking cap (I put the tag in the back) and I had enough yarn to give full coverage once I got to the end of the crotch seam (which should be roughly in the middle of the cap).  If I had added more yarn past this point, I'm not sure if it would have laid properly and it might have become too heavy.  The point is, you can stop sewing there or a little earlier if you're planning to let the hair hang.

1 skein + is how wrong I was.
Now comes the debate; do I dare attempt a return without a receipt (and to be technical their return policy does say that this can be done for store credit) or do I find a use for all this extra yarn?  I don't know how to knit, but I suppose you can do other things with yarn.

Now that we have the wig, I want to give her a proper Sally blue face.  Also, this doesn't work.  Pinterest fail.


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