Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 We brewed kombucha for the first time.  It should be done with it's second fermentation tonight.  I'm curious to find out if it worked.  The kombucha we received along with this scoby was of superior quality.  Flavoring seems like a big experiment though.  When I made tea for our batch, one of the bags broke and quite a bit of loose tea stuck to the underside of the scoby.  I kept the baby from our batch, but threw out the mother.

Have you seen Starry Lights?
I put up different lights this year.  Starry Lights are on sale at Restoration Hardware, but I got these on Amazon (for less) and I love them.  I've used glass globe lights from Target for the past two years and I like them, but they're sometimes hard to hang.  This year, I can't find them, but it's okay.  Two strands of these puts off enough light and they were super easy to hang.  They're light weight and on a thin wire so they easily bend into place.

chugging along,


  1. I'm definitely checking out these lights - I'm buying a house and want to put up something like this outside :)

  2. We had a strong winds last night and it didn't blow them down. I think I'm in love.