Friday, May 17, 2013


I'm impressionable or maybe I'm just curious, but I have a tendency to run out and do what I read or see.  Yesterday Apartment Therapy told me that geraniums are easy to grow so when I went on break from work, I bought some (of course I pinned the article first).  Today they are already living in my yard.  Several days ago I was reading Young House Love's 2013 Pinterest Challenge.  They did window boxes so I rushed home and pulled mine out of the garage.  They are up and flowing with flowers now.

How did I choose my honeymoon location?  I read about it on Poppytalk.  How did I choose this year's first anniversary vacation destination?  I saw a photo of an amazing place on Pinterest.  Once I figured out this spot was in the US, it was on.

I've read a lot about people sitting and pinning, getting lost for hours in all that visual candy, but not exactly doing.  That isn't me, obviously.  I can only look at a screen for so long.  I have to be doing.  So my new term is pin-doing (say it all together and make it flow).  Sometimes it isn't exact pin-doing, but adapting something I've seen into something else.  Regardless, I usually pin it for keeping or find it pinned.

Anyway, I've made peace with my addiction, but sometimes I think the internet should just stop showing me things.

This was taken the day I read about window boxes.  Yesterday, the lawn was mowed, the beds were edged, and geraniums found a home.  I'll post the progress next week.

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