Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Long Weekend

Hello!  I had a four day weekend and it was amazing.  The Lady Bean went to see her grand parents and I stayed home (and mostly in the yard).  I accomplished many 'yardie' things.  I even secretly built a tipi structure from some old fallen limbs and saw my very first swarm of bees... eep.  It's a bit unsettling.  Here's a video of what a swarm looks like.

 Now for the lawn stuff...

Yes, you've seen this; a photo from the day the window boxes went up.  I'll have new photos soon, but let's compare...

The front of the house a few weeks ago.

The front of the house (two years ago).
Different angle.  I still hate that Yucca, but it's long gone.
The back corner of the lawn on Sunday.

The same area two years ago after I removed a large pile of trash which included: a mattress, box springs, porch railing, various types of fence, glass, garbage, etc.  The mattress was growing things.  Ick.
Two years ago I bought a glider that matched the chairs on the front porch.  I bought it for 75% off and I had the perfect spot for it.  It would live in this corner (above photo; adjacent to my future, fabulous garden) surrounded by all the pink peonies that I had scavenged from Freecycle.  I had such great plans.  As you can tell from the more recent photo, that never quite happened.  The glider sat in the garage for two years.  I never even opened the box.  Oops.  

Everything is different now though!  Amidst a swarm of bees, I put the glider together.  I have a few pillows to sew and then I'll take new photos and you'll  see my project that was two years in the planning is finally finished.  Woot!  Why do I put pillows on all of my outdoor seating?  I don't know!

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