Friday, May 31, 2013

First Times

I decided when I turned 30 that it would be a year of firsts.  I also decided after that first year of my 30's to carry on my new tradition and declared my 30's a decade of new experiences.  Four and a half years in, it's going strong and new things are constantly happening.  I spent so much of my life prior to 30 full of fear and anxiety that I felt as if I didn't try much of anything.  I had experiences and I lived extremes, but it wasn't the way it is now.  Some firsts are big and some are little, but everything is worth trying.  Last night I participated in my first group bike ride and rode a tandem bike for the first time.  Wow.

This is A LOT of bike.
My friend has a vintage Schwinn that is very similar to the one pictured.  It's 60 pounds of bike.  We did about 20 miles and I have welts from the flat, boxy seat (ouch).  It was terrifying to ride "blind" with no control on the back, but it was also exciting and empowering.  If you're going to do crazy things on a bike it might as well be on a tandem bike in a group large enough to take over a street, right?

We were participating in a cancer fundraiser for a friend (this was new too, but not the good kind-- more of the "Oh god, we're mortal?" kind).  I here the fundraiser was a great success and by the looks of it last night, the people who did the organizing were happy with the results.

I would like to close today by congratulating Mr. Husband on his new full time employment.  He starts Monday.  It's been an up and down time in this first year of marriage with parenting and job (or the lack there of ) stress and all, but I really believe that our world is about to turn magical.


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