Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Finalists Are In!

...and I am not it, but that's okay!

The international Small Cool 2013 winner
I had a goal and that was to make the cut; I did.  Then I added the goal of not being lowest in votes; I was not (close to it, but NOT it).  This time around my goals were achieved.   I learned a few things and I feel as if I took a small step forward in whatever this is that I'm out here doing on the inner webs.  Bunting is controversial and I am naive and each of these things is fine.  I will however be submitting a photo of a non-bunted living/dining area when I finally take all the bits down.  Not that they've asked and not that the comments are making me do it, but that it's over due for removal and out of season.  That was winter decor; it's time to move on.  Anyway, you can vote for the over all winner today through tomorrow.  Give 'em a looky-loo right here.

great big X's and O's,

We have gave garden boots to obsess about soon

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