Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's October!

Hello!  It's October!  First though, the 2013 Room for Color winners are in!  Um, once again, not it, but also once again, I didn't participate to win (although it would be nice).  Go take a look at the winning rooms.

Back to October...

The decorations are slowly going up.  I have a paper pumpkin assembly line in my living room and I have a theme.  This year I'm doing pumpkin patches, but probably a haunted pumpkin patch for the house and a cutesy patch for the faux office.

2013 Halloween wreath

I used scavenged materials from Octobers past to make a wreath.  I also painted the face of the pumpkins with glow paint, but I have no idea if it's actually working.  I like it.  I bought two wire wreath frames from the thrift store a while ago so I might make another one or just wait and do a general Fall wreath.
All Hallows Mess
Here you can see a variety of projects piled together.  A sewing pile on the dress form, a witch hat waiting to be hung, and the first 3 pumpkins in my faux pumpkin patch.  Right now I am very much into DIY decorative lawn stakes.  They make a big impact and as long as there are boxes to recycle and acrylic paints, I can make them.  I just glue sticks to the back and pop them in the ground.

Lawn stakes from Amazon.
Above are the decorations that I ordered.  They're a little smaller than I expected, but they're nice.

Don't forget the mums!  I ran out of nice planters to put them in, so here's a festive grocery bag.  It's rustic right?  the colors work.  I put a drip tray in the bottom so I'm not ruining the bag.  I was content with my thrifty solution.

Pumpkin Pouf
Over the summer, I bought a 20lb box of Poly-Fil.  If you aren't familiar with this product, that's A LOT of Poly-Fil (more than I realized).  So I've been making poufs and cushions.  Of course all of the outdoor poufs are in my summer colors and patterns.  I wanted to keep them on the porch because we use them a lot, but I wanted to include them in my fall decorating.  The Great Pumpkin Pouf cover is the solution.  I'm also going to try to make some black cat floor cushions, but those aren't done yet.  Pumpkin pouf is a giant fabric pumpkin, but I didn't have to stuff it because I slid my outdoor pouf inside, tied it with twine, and then wrapped the excess fabric in green to make a stem.  You follow the basic instructions for fabric pumpkins, but you use a piece of fabric large enough to cover your pouf.  Then you skip a few of the sewing steps; I rubber banded the bottom closure instead of sewing and I just wrapped twine around the pouf to make the pumpkin segments (for the fabric pumpkin you would sew through the center of the form, but that just isn't going to work for something this big).

pumpkin patch

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