Friday, January 24, 2014

The Picture Issue

Let's play catch up...  It's unreasonably cold and I fear that we are forever trapped in this polar vortex.  I did some sewing and painting and Now I feel it in my wrist.  I am on a mission for my family to reclaim our home from clutter and I think I need to paint the walls white (too much Pinterest for me?).

The Pierrot suits are ready to wear.  The masks are oh so close.
I live in the unorganized storage space of an eBay store but, we are currently getting rid of things and cleaning in an effort to make the house manageable.  By the time our tax return arrives we should be ready to invest in one fabulous Mid Century Modern style piece of furniture for media storage and paint the walls white.  I have never longed for white walls in my life.  What's happening to me?
crisp and clean b

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